Wednesday, May 17, 2017

We are learning to create a positive digital footprint.

We often share personal information when we are online. The people we share with could be our friends 

My Audience

Friday, April 7, 2017

livings springs camp

On wednesday  15th to 16th  we went livings springs for  camp. Here is the camp slide of what we did on camp.

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Fitness game

Yesterday we played two games indian tag and And a run to get started   then we started the game.  We had two people Running and one was chasing and the   Runner  is running from the chaser and  the chaser will swap and the next person will try chase it every single time at a Time if that person text as a person the person get to stay out and get such as the next person and if that person takes an hour the other person comes out and they take the person they get that out it keeps rotating and rotated and then there is a line down the middle and line up the top and we will switch after a hour   then there was a break and when the ball rag we lined up on the court  and we continued

What is your favorite game?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Jamie Duff visited

Guess what? I got to see Jamie Duff. He let us touch the  race car then we got to get a signature on our hat and Sticker  then we had a  big class photo with jamie Duff we got to have a photo with the big  truck there was wheels there was another car there that we got to touch it has something inside back of it we was surprised that they didn't drive it from their place and then he  said  that he races at ruapuna and he has won  heaps of races. He has raced all around the world and he said that the car has heaps of horsepower and to a real normal car it is so much different because you have a different seat belt and seat and when you sit in the car it is very low down. We think it's hot up there. It's got this very very big wheels around and it's got one each side there was 7 wheels in the truck. We got to go inside the truck then it was time to go back inside but then we got called out so we could go and see the car and we even got to have a couple more photos and we got a couple of individual photos with the truck and we got to stand on the road we got to cross the road. We got to go right next to the truck and it was very very fun and exciting and I've always wanted to see a race driver up close because I've only seen them waving to me. Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy.